Black Ice

Black Ice

Black Ice

$ 160 / Half Ounce

A cross between hybrids Black Domina and White Widow, Black Ice is an indica-dominant hybrid that is a reliable sedative. Although this flower has a pleasant aroma, its potency sets it apart from the rest. A product of Moon Seeds, Black Ice offers a ...



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When most people think of black ice they think of the slippery substance that plagues parking lots when its cold — this strain offers no such unpleasantness. Black Ice was originally cultivated by Spain-based The Moon Seeds as a cross between Black Domina and White Widow. The buds feature aromatic notes of sour-sweet berries coupled with earthy undertones. As an Indica-dominant hybrid with anywhere between 19-24% THC content, Black Ice delivers a heavy calming effect and is best enjoyed during the evening.

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6 review(s) for Black Ice

  1. Client

    love the taste and the smell it gives you a nice high

  2. Client

    It has great high, very relaxing strain.

  3. Client

    I was tanked after a day of activity and smoking and just couldn’t manage to get comfortable enough to sleep. My friend and I rolled up a king cone of this as were both regular smokers and needed a bit extra. This strain delivered it and more. Pain? managed. Nausea? Check. I actually got high and off.

  4. Client

    Beautiful dark colors, orange trichomes. Great overall smoke, a contender for the lazy chill smoke with buddy's kinda stuff. But that's kinda weed in its whole. Good burning dense buds.

  5. Client

    Very strong. Took a small toke and was baked for hours. But overall pleasant. Some giggles. Music was great.

  6. Client

    Relaxing good high very nice indica ! Strain is hard I’m fucked up , honestly it’s hard I’m about to go home but I’m high. Type of high that put you to sleep

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