Hemp CBD/CBG Distillate (THC FREE)

Hemp CBD/CBG Distillate (THC FREE)

Hemp CBD/CBG Distillate (THC FREE)

$ 5000 / 1 Litre

DISTILLATES – The final processing step in refinement of extracted oils can be provided in the form of a distillate fraction in which the cannabinoids are isolated into separate fractions from the plant terpenes and flavonoids and any other, less des...



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The resulting oil is very light in color, has almost no taste or aroma, is very consistent, solvent-free and fully decarboxylated. The cannabinoid content is also higher (in the range of 75%) as compared to crude oil. Some clients desire a crude oil extraction without additional refinement, but also need the THC at compliant levels to be sold as a raw hemp product. In this process, we mix our CBD oil with any carrier oil supplied by the customer to reduce the naturally occurring and concentrated THC levels in the crude oil extraction to compliant levels

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